Kara Keough Grieves Over the Loss of her Newborn Son on ‘Good Morning America’

Kara Keough from “The Real Housewives of Orange” has bravely come up about losing her first son in childbirth. She spoke about it in a video for “Good Morning America.”

In the video she said, she was very excited to have this whole process of having labor at home to going to the hospital for this un-medicated birth. Her husband was also very supportive throughout her delivery. She also mentioned her Doula and her daughter were also going to come to see her. However, due to this coronavirus pandemic, they were not able to make it till the hospital. When she was told that Doula could not make it to the hospital, so she got anxious.

In some cities, people are not even allowed to take their partners in for childbirth. She also expressed how afraid she was to see all these conditions around her. She was afraid of many things, one of which was having a fever.

After all this, she took a very brave decision to give birth at home.

Looking at all these unusual conditions around her, she decided to give birth at home. This was rather a bold decision. However, she was going to give birth naturally, and the family thought this choice would help to take off the burden from the health care system. Therefore when she went into labor, McCoy was experiencing a “shoulder dystocia,” a condition that usually occurs in 2-3% childbirths. However, she was able to push the baby out with the help of her family members.

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You would have been 1 month old today. Your baby acne would be gearing up. You would be getting the hang of pacifiers, sorting out your days and nights, and figuring out how to focus your eyes without them involuntarily crossing. I would have already bought a complete boy’s wardrobe since Decker’s old clothes weren’t really as unisex as I thought. Your dad would be insisting that babies don’t need shoes, but he’d change his mind when he saw the little kicks paired with your chubby cankles. You’d be taking your first naps in the crib, and I’d be fussing about “the schedule.” I’d be realizing that you, just like your sister, prefer Lefty and I’d be pumping Righty to try to bring ‘er up to speed. Decker would want to be holding you all the time, but you’d prefer to be spending your day wrapped around my chest. At least that much is still how it is, my sweet Mack. Decker still wishes she could hold you more. And I still wear you on my heart all day. We miss you like crazy, baby.

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Her husband, Kyle Bosworth, describes it as a “miracle,” seeing his child back having pulse after a long time of 45 minutes. But their child McCoy went form the absence of oxygen for a long time and eventually could not recover from his brain injury. Therefore after fighting for 72 hours on a ventilator, he couldn’t make it alive. Even after all the strict protocols of the hospital, they allowed the whole family to say goodbye. Kara is heartbroken from this loss and is somehow trying to get over from the loss of her child. Her family and her own daughter are giving her will to go through this.