Kanye West with another great idea! Its a piece architectural work!!

Kanye West all set to revolutionize the field of architecture.

The founder of the billion-dollar brand Yeezy, Kanye West, is about to bring forth an all-new architectural concept in the hills of Calabasas. Kanye had been involved in the studies and developments for a revolution in the industry of architecture, and now his dream project has finally begun to take shape with the springing up of the prototypes of Kanye’s new age home.

Credit: TMZ

According to the sources, Kanye West is building a dome-like structure in the hills which are believed to be the prototype of his new architectural project based on a new concept. Sources reveal that according to Kanye, this project would break the economic class separation between the rich, poor, and the middle class.
The images of the prototypes of Kanye’s dream plan come forth. The project is going to take shape on the three hundred acres land that Kanye bought a few years ago. The images show several dome-like structures that stand fifty feet high.
The construction crews have been working hard on the site since weeks. Reports suggest that the project is the outcome of the team’s studies on various kinds of dwellings man has seen from the very early period of his existence on the planet. There have also been reports that the domes and living spaces are going to be “dynamic”- like Kanye’s common stock-in-trade structures.

Those who have witnessed the site reveal that the proportions are considered by some to be the most advanced and revolutionary use of space. The architectural project is a masterpiece and seems out of the world.