Jurassic World Producer Toying with the idea of a Spin-off Series

Producer Frank Marshall weighs in on the franchise’s future

Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall recently spoke of the possibility of a spin-off series. The Jurassic World trilogy kicked off in 2015, and told the story following the events of Steven Spielberg’s original trilogy. The new trilogy is also dawning to its end with Jurassic World Dominion, set to release in June this year.

Jurassic World Future prospects

Jurassic World 

The movie was a massive success, and grossed $1.6 billion globally. The idea of dinosaurs that we grew up watching facing off against their mutated and highly intelligent versions boded well with audiences. This led to the 2018 sequel, which won big at the box office as well.

The success of the franchise led to speculation that Universal Pictures might be interested in a TV spin-off. Marshall, who is the lead producer in the trilogy gives his opinion on that idea. He stated that this was something the higher ups haven’t discussed as of yet, and whatever news that arrives are purely rumours. He said that he had only focused on the movies until this point. Additionally, there are animated series as well, such as Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous.

Why it would be a good idea

Jurassic World 

Many big studios are actively investing on streaming services. Numerous franchises are adopting the long-form episodic storytelling format, and fans seem to love it as well. This works perfectly for novel adaptations. It can also be the right fit for a franchise like this because it’s a big universe with so many stories to tell.

Until any such decision comes out, fans can look forward to the arrival of Jurassic World Dominion, which will wrap up the trilogy.