Johnny Depp went Through a Traumatic Phase as his Marriage with Amber Heard Left him Physically and Mentally Injured

Recently, the shocking news about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard relationship has spread. Many fans self assumed that it was Johnny Depp who was abusive and violent in the relationship. But as it happens out it was Amber who was abusive and violent in their marriage. This news is coming from an audio tape of a therapy session where Amber is confessing she is sorry to hit him and abuse him.


According to the evidences, Amber also use to throw pots and other things on Johnny. This also lead his finger to bleed as seen in one picture. In the tape she is saying that she is sorry she hit him across the face. However she also mentions she did not intent to punch him yet her hand did hit his face. In the same audio she also verbally abused Johnny Deep for being such a baby.

Johnny not only suffered life wise but also suffered a lot in his career due to his relationship with Amber.

On the contrary Amber Heard is the Ambassador of Women’s right Champion. Still she was heard verbally and physically abusing Johnny Deep. In the audio she also says that she cannot promise that such thing won’t happen again because she has temper issues. Johnny Deep in the audio seemed scared that things can get out of hand if this continues. He also told Amber that he left the home last night because he does not want this whole physicality to turn into a crime scene.

Credit: Walt Disney

In 2016, Johnny Deep and Amber got divorced. In fact, because of some false accusations by Amber, Johnny lost his role as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean movie. After the divorce Amber dated Elon Musk for a certain period of time who is CEO of Tesla. Now since the truth is finally out fans are helping Johnny Deep to overcome from this traumatic experience.