Johnny Depp revealed some shocking facts about his mother’s cruelty at her funeral. Check it out.

The most beloved actor from Pirates of the Caribbean, Jhonny Depp lost his mother Betty Sue a few years ago. During that time he was not in the situation of saying anything and did not speak a word. But now he has finally opened up about his mother’s death and some last moment talks.

The actor’s personal life is quite messed up at present. He was blamed of abusing his ex wife Amber Heard. His wife and lawyers claimed him to be a monster. On 7th July 2020, it was his testimony where he opened up about some really shocking incidents of his childhood days.

He started taking drugs at a very young age of 11 years. The first time he took drugs was eating her mom’s nerve pill. And by the age of 14 he had tried all the known drugs. Jhonny also talked about his relationship with his mother, Betty Sue Palmer. The actor and his mother did not have a good bond and this ultimately resulted in him passing brutal comments on her funeral.

Johnny’s mother passed away in 2016 due to cancer. She was a single parent and raised him alone. The description he gave of her mother was that she was a hellcat and a mean lady but she was funny at the same time.

He was the youngest of the four children his mother had. And most of the time he used to get thrashing from his mother. The boy was also blamed for every wrong that took place in the house. However, the actor never blamed her of anything. Instead he thought that it would be her difficult childhood that has made her so harsh.

She worked so hard to keep the family and did two shifts as a waitress. This made Jhonny feel pity to her. He even took care of his mother some of the times. Thus, life has been cruel towards him and his family during those years.