Johnny Depp denies ever hitting or abusing ex wife Amber Heard as the legal battle goes on.

Yesterday, 7th July, 2020 was the testimony date for Jhonny Dell’s case. There were allegations put on the actor that he has abused his ex wife Amber Heard. While the actor was cross examined by the lawyer, he denied accepting that he has hit her. What is the whole story behind the news? Read below to get your answers.

The Sun newspaper called Jhonny a wife beater in one of their articles published in April 2018. There were allegations put on him that he has beaten Amber Heard and has assaulted her on many occasions. He on the other hand claimed that his ex wife is sociopathic, narcissistic and emotionally dishonest. Now what’s the internal truth is not known by any of us.

The couple first met wach other in 2011 while they both were on the set of The Rum Diary. And their marriage took place in 2015 in Los Angeles. Unfortunately it didn’t last much and both of them separated and divorced each other in 2017. In these two years of their marriage they claimed the other one to be voilent, controlling and deceitful.

His ex wife, Heard claimed that there were total 14 incidents of him being voilent to her. Some of these incidents happened while they were in Japan, Bahamas, Los Angeles, Australia and even on a chartered jet.

Jhonny on the other hand denies these saying that instead his actress wife would hit him with anything she got like a cigarette or a drink can. Once she wounded his fingers by hitting him with a vodka bottle.

The actor did not accept any of the incidents to be true. Well, the case will go on for three weeks and within this time frame Heard is expected to give some evidences in her favour. Now let’s see what the court’s final verdict would be.