John Larroquette to be back after 48 years With ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Sequel

The famous Narrator who returns on Stage after 48 Years

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was released in 1974. After 48 years, the movie is returning on Netflix with a sequel. John Larroquette narrated the opening of Tobe Hooper in the movie. He was an unknown in the industry back then. The narrator is all set to return for the sequel of the series which claims to be based on true events.

John Larroquette

Several sequels in the franchise

There have been several sequels for “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. Eventually, many of the sequels have billed that they were directly after the original. It is a known fact that not many people know about the sequels. Therefore, bringing John Larroquette into the picture would excite fans and ignite the desirable excitement! The Netflix sequel will be out on February 18th.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

To honour the original TCM 

The director of the movie David Blue Garcia spoke highly about the original movie in an interview with Variety. Moreover, Garcia added that it felt important to honor the main movie’s authenticity. They found John’s voice iconic in the original opening and would love to incorporate it into the sequel’s intro. Consequently, it will set the right tone, and the fans would feel assured.

Many original connections returning

Besides John, David said that they saw other connections from the original movie returning. They said that they were able to add one of the original chainsaws from that time. Garcia elaborates how he would walk along with the pop cart every morning and touch it to get blessings as a ritual. However, some things were creepy and the director wants the audience to figure some of them out!

The Texas Chain saw Massacre

Movie’s description By Netflix

Netflix describes the horror masterpiece’s sequel briefly. Melody, her sister Lila, and some of their friends Dante and Ruth head towards Harlow. They intend to start a new business venture. Unfortunately, their dreams turn into a nightmare. They accidentally disrupt the Leatherface home who was a deranged serial killer.

His succession continues to haunt the neighbourhood and Sally Hadesty. Sally happens to be the only survivor of his 1973 Massacre. We are all excited and thrilled about Larroquette’s return!