It’s the End of the Road for ‘Black Monday’ And ‘Work In Progress’ On Showtime

Work In Progress and Black Monday isn’t returning back on Showtime

The Showtime drama Work In Progress and Black Monday have finally ended their journey and won’t be arriving anymore. Viewers had a great time watching the two shows and are sad that it won’t be entertaining them with one more season. But why did the show end up on Showtime?

Well, you need to read ahead to know more about Work In Progress and Black Monday as they finally ends up for the final time.

Black Monday confirmed as cancelled on Showtime

Black Monday

With third season being the last one of the dark comedy, it’s now confirmed that one more season isn’t happening. Third season of Black Monday released back in May last year and went running till August. The dark comedy was announced cancelled on Showtime by one of the cast of the show Paul Scheer. Scheer confirmed that the series isn’t getting renewed.

Co-created by David Caspe, the series got cancelled that had 1980s set drama in it. A total of three seasons were released and it was announced that a fourth season can’t be expected with no specific reason to cancel it. However, Black Monday being a dark comedy gave a good storyline for viewers to enjoy with all three season.

Work In Progress ends on Showtime

Work In Progress

Lilly Wachowski, the executive producer of the series Work In Progress confirmed that the series has ended. Giving a good two seasons the show has finally gone off air on Showtime. The production team member broke the news of the cancellation of the show.

Being nominated for the best comedy in the GLAAD awards, the show was only tied up for two season in the contract. Evidently, the pandemic situation made it impossible for the show to get renewed for one more season though.

However, some other show might replace the two shows that’s been cancelled on Showtime.