Joe Exotic of Tiger King Fame Sentenced for 21 Years Jail in Murder Case

‘Tiger King’ famed Joe Exotic accused for rent-for-murder case

‘Tiger king’: Joe Exotic (real name-Joseph Maldonado-Passage) had tried to assassinate animal rights activist Carole Baskin. As the animal rights activist had openly accused him several times for mistreating his animals. Thus, he committed the crime out of enmity.

In the Netflix show “The Tiger King: Murder, Chaos and Madness”, they both appeared as major enemies. Baskin owns a major Florida cat shelter and has always spoken out publicly against Exotic animal abuse.

Joe Exotic decreased his punishment by 1 year

Joe Exotic is the owner of a big-cat zoo in Oklahoma in the United States and credited for Netflix’s documentary series “Tiger King”. He is sentenced 21 of jail for hiring men to kill his rival Baskin. In addition to this, many other crimes are also registered under his name like tampering the official zoo papers, selling cubs and killing tigers for fun as well as commercial purposes.

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In his hearing on Friday, he tried to persuade the court to release him but failed in his attempts. Furthermore, he begged court with the reports of his prostate cancer. Then, when nothing worked, he requested at least not to let him die in prison. In the end, he received 21 years of jail for attempted murder with reduction of one year from his punishment.

The court resentenced Exotic’s punishment for rent-for-murder after the appellate court ruled last year about shortening of his sentence. Now, finally, verdict passed to punish him for 17 federal accuse of beastly abuse. In addition to this, he is convicted two counts for tried homicide-for-rent for the plot to kill his rival Carole Baskin.

Fans-“Free Joe Exotic”

As per the Associated Press, fans are enraged with the decision and court trials against Joe Exotic. They are brutally criticizing Carole Baskin. Moreover, they crowded the courtroom to support their star wearing animal-printed masks and shirts marked “Free Joe Exotic.”

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Allegations on Joe Exotic

For appointing two altered men to assassinate Baskin, Exotic ordered 22 years in jail in January 2020. However, it is his bad luck that he ended up offering $10,000 to a secret FBI agent to murder Baskin . The undercover agent was working blanketed to keep eye on him. Prosecutors presented a recording of the meeting to prove the points. They also stressed upon the fact that he was in his sound mind when he planned the murder.