Jim Hopper Is Very Much alive it seems! Thanks To The New Stranger Things season 4 trailer! Check out all the latest updates on the show.

It seems like all the prayers has been answered! Jim Hopper is very much alive, although is seen in a whole new avatar that is shocking fans all over the globe. Netflix has released a new short reader that is blowing minds!

A New Teaser Is Released By Netflix, And Well, Hopper Is Not Dead!

Netflix has released a new teaser for the fourth season of The Stranger Things and the only big relation the teaser did was that Jim Hopper is not dead. The teaser shows the character working hard in an isolated place.

Fans still can’t get over the fact when they saw Hopper working on a Russian chain gang somewhere in the isolated frozen expanse of the Soviet Union. These glimpses have been giving rise to several questions amongst fans.

Why This Sudden Change In Jim Hopper’s Character Evolution? Here’s What We Know.

Now that the ongoing rumor regarding Holler’s death is resolved, we might take a look at his intense look where the first thing that caught our eyes is the character’s physical changes! Is he going to play the role of an antagonist now that he is working for the Russian group?

After almost everyone giving up hope and concluding that David Harbor is returning for the fourth season after all, the teaser was a huge shock! It is surprising that Netflix revealed such a big news so fast before the season releasing on the streaming service. Now that it is finally revealed,  all we are looking forward is why this sudden change in his all over character.is he going to return from the Russian camp or is he never going to meet the kids ever again?