Jennifer Garner And John Miller Have Officially Broken Up After Dating For Almost Two Years! What was the reason? Check it out.

It seems like another heartbreak has happened this year and fans are pretty shocked. Who are we talking about? Let’s find that out in the details given below. Actress Jennifer Garner is no longer dating and is newly single after her split with John Miller.

Jennifer Garner Has Called It Quits With Long Time Boyfriend John Miller!

Apparently, actress Jennifer Garner and businessman John Miller have called it quits after dating for almost two years. A source has revealed that the couple has actually broken things off a few months ago! However, like their dating life they managed to keep the breakup low profile, without any unnecessary drama.

The source moreover, has explained that while they have no bad beef between them and remained to find over all this time. They just started seeing each other less and finally called it quits. While there is no exact reason for the breakup, they just drifted apart.

The Two Have Remained Friends All These Months!

As of now, the actress is focusing on her children, her career, and other things that make her happy. The pair first started dating back in October 2018. They started seeing each other after Garner finalized her divorce with ex-husband Ben Affleck. While the couple were dating for almost two years, there’s no bad beef between them despite the hush hush breakup.

The breakup rumor came sometime around Garner was seen spending some quality time with long time friend and co-star Bradley Cooper.  The two were recently spotted together spending some time with Cooper’s little daughter Lea. Is a new romance brewing now that Garner is newly single? Now with she being single again, that might be a possibility.