Jenna Coleman is being replaced for Queen Victoria’s role in ‘Victoria’ Season 3 and Coleman fells Sad about that!!


Dating back to the 1800s, the tale of the journey of considered to be the most powerful queens of all time, the story of Queen Victoria was aired as a British drama on 28 August 2016.

From then till now the show has been quite popular among its countrymen and also people residing all over the world.

Jenna Coleman, who plays the lead as queen Victoria has brought realism and depth to the character of the queen.

‘Victoria’ Season 3 is all on the verge.


In this long run journey till the third season, the queen has traveled so far in life that it is necessary to show her aging for which the show so far had took the help of make-up but now the time has arrived (not now really but later) that the role of queen needs, recasting.

The lead, Coleman, feels quite sad since she is most attached to her role. It’s quite difficult for her to part from her role, but everyone knows that this had had to happen, it was meant to happen because it’s a biography.

Coleman, with her heavy heart, has named some names whom she wants to carry out with this role.

The list includes Emily Watson, Imelda Staunton and also Helena Bonham Carter (though she can’t take up the role since she is busy right now)

Jenna also eagerly wanted Olivia Colman to do this role, but she is occupied for her roles in other shows.

Jenna shares her reviews about her old age makeup, where she didn’t sound happy enough.` She told in an interview that her makeup was kinda tiring with no foundation and all just some concealer and done, might be that’s how a mother of seven kids look like or might be she is aging.

But, the casting team is not up to replace all the current characters. Tom Hughes, who plays Prince Albert, isn’t going to be recast.

Tom shared his desire that he wants to play the prince until the prince dies.

Apart from Coleman, Tom, too, had to take up certain measures to be fit in the role of Prince Albert, like he had cut down his diet for the role.

Well, the writers right now want to brew the chemistry of two a little longer before the recasting is done.

The writers said that they are well aware of the fact that where is the show going, with a promising fourth season on the verge.

Adding that royal drama never goes out of content and always fetch a good response from the audience all the time.