‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’: Netflix’s New True Crime Docuseries gives a Closer Look at the Several Properties of Epstein Owned with his Filthy Business

Sexual assault, child pornography, etc are some of the worst crimes that anyone can ever commit. What gets surprising is when those who indulge in such activities get to live a luxurious life or get to make a living out of the same. One such example of people earning money out of unacceptable work is by Jeffrey Epstein who runs a child pornography business and has had a track record of calling people over to his home and making them sexually intercourse. Not only is this bad, but also surprising to see his success financially with that business of his.

The recent documentary that featured him showed his home fro the inside and that’s when the talks about the same emerged.

An insight into Jeffrey Epstein’s house.

His Great St. James and Islands Little St. James, located in the Virgin Islands, a USA territory are some of the famous properties that he owns. The recent news that came up was about his documentary that primarily focuses on the incident where Virginia Giuffre talked about her being forced to indulge in the sexual acts with Prince Andrew.

Geoffrey Berman, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, announcing charges against Jeffrey Epstein on July 8.
picture: NY times

In 2016, he was reported to have purchased a mansion for $18 million in the same area as Little St. James, however with a short distance from the property of the former. That is the same place where his work runs from that helps him run his livelihood.

Some other famous properties

picture: complex

Despite claiming his property at several places, there are few houses among them that are really his property legally, on papers. One of them is Palm Beach, FL, Estate. This property is known more for his illegal activities when he would get ladies over to his home and that information came to the notice of the cops where they raided his home. This dates back to 2007.

His Zorro Ranch, Stanley is the house that he has particularly focussed on due to which he repeatedly refurbished the residence and reconstructed it time and time again.

Several properties that believe are his yet, no proof of the same includes that in Paris which he has rigidly claimed to be his.