CBS, the Leading News Channel did Unthinkable Amid the Pandemic Crisis. Read Further to Know the Details.

CBS, as a whole franchise has programs such as the CBS evening news, 60 minutes, 28 hours. Among the others, CBS News is one of the parts of the franchise. The news channel has had its first female executive producer, Susan Zrinsky, assumed power in 2019 and has been continuing with the same till date.

The show recently came I the news due to the reports of coronavirus patients in their staff. Everyone is aware of the grunts that the world is caught in during the times of pandemic. No one is kept safe, be it the rich or the marginalized communities. Not only have individuals been affected, but the professionals have also seen a great impact on the pandemic. Several countries are predicted to go in recession while a country like Japan has already been pushed into the same.

Why is the CBS news in talks nowadays?

The company, based in the USA has had the first-ever recorded patients in any firm with two of their staff members reported positive, after which the entire crew was asked to work from home. The company has had various good working staffs, however, they had to remove a few employees from their firm, something that private companies like Uber have already opted for during the time of the ongoing pandemic.


The executive producer had announced a cut in the employees since the company was facing an economic crisis and had nothing to do with anyone’s performance or efficiency at work. The total count of fired employees has been 50 out of the strength of 500. The producer called it a tough choice, yet a necessary step due to the financial losses that the company was facing, however, that was a difficult choice due to the outcome that many employees who served the company the platter of news have been removed despite there being no doubts of their efficiency and results at work.

Everyone was indeed shocked to hear that decision after their favorite news channel had lost many employees.