Jeannie Mia had a foodie first date with rapper Jezzy! Sushi restaurant was on there list! Revealed on “The Real” show!

The American talk show host, Jeannie Mai who recently gave divorce to his husband Freddy Harteis in 2018, opens up the first time about her relationship. Mai has been dating her new boyfriend Jezzy for almost a year now. However, she avoided most of the time talking about her relationship. Although Mai wants to keep her relationship private, she recently spoke about her relationship during the season premiere of “The Real” on Monday.

Mai at “The Real” show’s premiere:
During the sixth season premiere of “The Real” show, when Instagram pictures of Mai and Jezzy, were showcased on the screen. Mai spoke about her relationship with co-hosts. She said, it’s crazy, she only talks to her family and friends about her relationship. Mai also praised Jezzy, saying Jezzy is introspective, passionate, incredibly deep, visionary, a great leader, and an amazing servant to the community.
The Real show star continued, saying she has been criticized for, her whole life. She is not the one for small talks or small conversations.
Talking more about Jezzy, she said: “I found my equal.”
After this, she talked about how the first time they met on the set of “The Real.”

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She love when I talk dat fly $hit… 🤫 #wcw

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Mai talking about her first date:
Talking more about her relationship on the premiere of “The Real” show, Mai started talking about her first date. On her first date, the couple went to a Sushi restaurant. After having their dinner, Jezzy asked her for a dance at a club. So, the couple went to the club. At this point, Mai mentions that Jezzy is a brilliant dancer. At the end of the evening instead of kissing her, Jezzy gave Mai some homework. Jezzy told her to think about the last 8 hours they spent together and how does she picture him in her life. He continued, if Mai’s ideas match his notes, he’ll pursue her, else they can be friends.