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80th Milestone to cover: Australian actor Paul Hogan opens up about his how he fell in love with Linda Kozlowski, her second wife!!

The Australian actor and comedian Paul Hogan are all set to celebrate his 80th birthday next month. The actor is popular for his role in ‘Crocodile Dundee’. His 80th birthday will mark a great milestone in his life.

Paul Hogan’s interview with ‘Australian Story’:

The star was in the center of a two-part special on ABC TV’s “Australian Story,” where he threw light on his personal as well as professional career. He began by talking about his first wife, Nolene Edwards. He said that he met her at a swimming pool where he worked. Soon the couple fell in love and Paul also raised a family at a very young age. Paul Hogan was just 22 years old when he became the father of three sons. Paul and Nolene married in 1958. The couple shared five children. The couple briefly separated in 1981 and then they also mutually agreed after several months. They continued their relationship until 1990 when they finally called their relationship off. The couple was married for more than three decades.

Paul Hogan’s second marriage:

Paul said that the main reason for his split from his first wife was that he fell in love with his co-star Linda Kozlowski. He also said that after the split up the duo didn’t communicate with each other for 17 years. Paul’s friend Delvene Delaney, revealed that Paul and Linda developed feelings for each other during the film.

She also said that Linda came to her and she was worried because she knew that Paul was married. Crocodile Dundee’s director also said that a lot of the scenes presented on the screen were true. The couple tied knots in 1991 and in 2013 Linda filed for divorce. The couple share one son together. Paul Hogan concluded by admitting that he isn’t a great husband.

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