Jason Momoa Reveals Details about Aquaman 2; He’s Super Excited about the Upcoming sequel!!!

Do you remember Aquaman which was released last year in December? We know you do.

The movie with a superhero who saved the ocean and later becomes the king of the sea. The Sequel is all set to release in 2022. Are you excited? We can feel your excitement because we’re also very very very excited.

Jason Momoa talks about his returning in Aquaman 2

The first part of Aquaman was a big hit and became a billion-dollar franchise launcher, which became a significant win for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros., and without any doubt, expectations from its upcoming Sequel are much higher.

Momoa admitted in one of his interviews with Esquire that the whole for Sequel came from his imagination. He said that the movie gives him the freedom to be creative in his thoughts and visions. When he’ll start filming next year, he’ll also work more actively with the creative team.

However, this is not the first time Momoa talked about this exclusive Sequel. A few months back, he revealed some drops of his upcoming movie to Syfy Wire.

He even told that he had already discussed Aquaman 2 with the producer Peter Safran, and the director Warner Bras when they were shooting Aquaman. They just loved it, and even they appreciated it.

He later added he’s excited about the Sequel and fans are too, because it is the first time where the superhero is on the earth. It’s combining both land and sea. There are no outsiders like aliens or anyone from any other planet.

When is the Sequel of Aquaman coming?

The Sequel of the mind-blowing movie Aquaman is all set to release on 16th December 2022. The producers, directors, and cast, all are ready and excited to start filming Aquaman2.