Jason Issacs comments on The OA: says it is no use campaigning as he doesn’t see Season 3

The OA has disappointed their fans. Jason Issacs dampened the hopes of the fans that their continuous campaign to bring back the show for the third season will work. The Netflix canceled the show in the early months of 2020. Jason Issacs feels that the fans are hoping uselessly for the show to return as he doesn’t see it happening. Recently during an interview, Jason revealed that he would love for the show to continue, but he doesn’t know how it is possible. But he also says that at least the fans will get to watch the two amazing seasons on Netflix. Those two seasons will always stay on the streaming service.

Issacs also revealed that he got in touch with a fan with his colleagues. The fan went on a hunger strike to join the campaign for bringing back season 3. Issacs commented on it that he feels the series is extremely brilliant, unique, and original, but he doesn’t want fans to risk their health because of that. He says that the fans are making big moves everywhere and he is impressed, but he persuaded the fans not to do something crazy.

The OA revolved around the story of Prairie Johnson. She is a missing blind woman, and Brit Marling plays this role. She reappears suddenly with her sight back after seven years. Johnson names herself as “Original Angel” and comes forward to bring a team together. The team will rescue who have disappeared by going into another dimension after opening a portal.

Marling created this series in partnership with Zal Batmanglij. Brad Pitt was one of the executive producers of the series. Cindy Holland, who is the head of originals of Netflix, revealed her feelings about the show. She said that she was very proud of the 16 amazing episodes of the series. She also mentioned that she was grateful to Brit and Zal for sharing their strange, yet incredible vision; And bringing it forward with their brilliant artistry.