Jason Big wants Another “American Pie” film in your list too! Looks like the audience is going to taste some more pie!

Well, today’s industry has got very keen on doing reboots of hit TV shows and movies, so American Pie leads star Jason Big wants it to get on this list too! He’s getting full support from her Co-star, Shannon Elizabeth. The pair had met for a reboot  ‘Jay and Silent Bob ‘, where they clarified the possibility of another spin around the pie franchise. Jason said, “I am always down. You will never hear from me any reluctance, but I haven’t heard anything for a little while.”

He clarified that a lot of things have to come together, and a lot of effort is required for it to happen, but he has his fingers crossed. He loves the cast and especially his character. So he’s very excited about another addition in the franchise.

Shannon shared her views on the possibility too by saying: ‘Look, I think reboots are great because you can get a new generation, a young cast, that is doing the film, but you make it modern, and it works for this day and age.

However, there have been already some spin-offs for the franchise, but that couldn’t work because the main character Jim was missing. Well, let’s hope that if a reunion happens, it goes well this time with the audience.

In July this year, the cast had a reunion for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series, which had led everyone speculating whether there was another movie on the board, too, as they might have also discussed the script on the occasion of reunion. There was a selfie of the whole cast, which went viral in no time.

The American Pie series has four movies till now – American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding, and American Reunion. Well, everyone is looking forward to another addition. The movie franchise was a very successful one, which provided the actors with worldwide popularity in no time. Though they have grown old now, their characters have become timeless and iconic in everyone’s heart.