James Gunn clarified Gal Galot’s withdrawal from Wonder Woman 3

James Gunn reacts to rumors of Wonder Woman celebrity Gal Gadot’s exit

In order to shake up the DC Universe, James Gunn and Peter Safran abandoned a number of previous concepts, including Henry Cavill’s comeback as Superman and Patty Jenkins’ vision for Wonder Woman 3.

Gal Gadot’s booting or not: James Gunn’s opinion

James Gunn
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Gal Gadot may have been “booted” from DC after the third Wonder Woman movie was canceled, according to many enthusiasts. James Gunn did offer some clarification regarding her present position, though. He clarified the situation and said he had no idea how the false rumors’ that she had been fired had become so widespread. James Gunn’s reaction might be viewed in one of two ways: either Gal Gadot departed DC of her own volition during the upheaval or she is still collaborating with DC for a future Wonder Woman feature.

Jenkin’s Rejection

Wonder Woman
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The new DC management dismissed Jenkins’ treatment for Wonder Woman 3 because it was inconsistent with the goals James Gunn and Safran envision for the DC Universe. According to Jenkin, she never turned away and was willing to accept any request made of her.

She was aware that there wasn’t anything she could have done to influence events at that particular time. She endeavored to comprehend these choices, which were challenging somewhere at that time, but DC was definitely immersed in the adjustments they had to accomplish.

Gal Gadot
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Before it was revealed that Jenkins wouldn’t be directing Wonder Woman 3, Gal Gadot posted a message of optimism about witnessing the “next chapter” of superhero fans. She said that when it was revealed a few years ago that she’d be going to play Wonder Woman, she was beyond delighted for the chance to portray such an amazing character. She also expressed her excitement to share the next chapter of her protagonist with the viewers and her sincere gratitude to everybody.

Backlash against James Gunn

James Gunn
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As the DC Universe took an entirely new turn, James Gunn faced a lot of criticism for his choices. In a slew of tweets, the director responded to followers, labelling it a “demeaning uproar.”

He claimed that their decisions were the best for the plot and the DC heroes, who had existed for nearly 85 years.

James Gunn
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They felt that they’d made the correct decisions, and even though they hadn’t, they had done so with positive motives and a genuine intention to do so.

James Gunn went on to say that when they accepted this job, they were conscious that there would be some disruption and that they’d occasionally have to undertake challenging and unconventional decisions, particularly in light of the contentious aspect of what had come before them.