Jake Gyllenhaal Signed the Lead role for the Heist Thriller ‘Cut and Run’

Jake Gyllenhaal in crime thriller ‘Cut and Run’

Spider-Man: Far From Home actor Jake Gyllenhaal signed on to star in the upcoming Speedboat Heist Thriller ‘Cut And Run’. The story is on Eagle Eye famed writer John Glenn concept of spec script.

The speculative screenplay won over the hearts of many potential and notable bidders. However, at the end of the amazing bidding war, the last piece goes into the hands of New Republic Pictures. Now, all the rights of the film is under New Republic Pictures.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Instagram | Jake Gyllenhaal

Trip of Speedboat Heist

After Gyllenhaal’s marvellous appearance heist thriller ‘Ambulance’, he is all set to start another heist thriller journey with ‘Cut And Run’. The film is a full on ride of high speed pursuits and heists with mind-blowing plots. The story revolves around a group of thieves with their  high-powered speed boats rob super-yachts. The plot takes a interesting turn when they run off with wrongs things which belongs to wrong group of people.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Instagram | Jake Gyllenhaal

‘Cut And Run’ iconic Production team

Through his company Nine Stories Productions, Gyllenhaal also decided to show his talents in film production. Moreover, the veteran writer John Glenn who is known for his extraordinary work in ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’ will produce apace with Bradley Fischer and Brian Oliver of New Republic Pictures.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s excitement

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The lined up films by Jake Gyllenhaal are already on hype.  He exclaimed the acting in Michael Bay’s ‘Ambulance’, Antoine Fuqua’s ‘The Guilty’ and crime thriller movie on the way were making him a lot more excited. He added that he was on board for taking new challenges and trying out lot of new things. These statements are fuelling curiosity in fans. Many are waiting eagerly for the new film.