Jack Black And The KickAss Gang along with Angelina Jolie Will Return In Kung Fu Panda 4! Check for all details.

Fans must rejoice as the Kung Fu gang will make a comeback for a fourth film.along with their kick-ass leader Po. While the third film pretty nuh had a happy ending it is definitely not the end. While the fourth film is taking a long time to make a release fans are pretty much worried about it!


Po And His Kung Fu Gang Are Coming Sooner Than Expected. Here’s What We Know.

While the production is also hopeful for a fourth film considering the earlier three films were box office hit smashing all records for an animated movie. However, the filming might have been delayed considering the latest turn of events due to the Coronavirus outbreak.


As we saw in the last film Po was finally reunited with his long lost father and the Panda community he also ends up having a big challenge and overcoming it bringing peace and harmony in the Panda village.

How Will The Plot Proceed After The Third Film?

A new adventure awaits Po and his gang with new challenged on their way. While the makers have not announced any official release date yet, the makers surely are facing the same issue of delay. Once the production kick starts it won’t be a long wait.


While there might be some New additions in the cast maybe in the form of a new supervillain, but the familiar cast will surely return including Jack Black as the lead Panda Po, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu and other actors behind the voice over.  The Kung Fu action will Return with a new story and a new antagonist this time! Fans are eagerly waiting for the nest chapter to unravel.