Are Reel Life Enemies Tom Felton And Emma Watson Dating In Real Life? Rupert Grint sure thinks so! Check It Out.

While Draco Malfoy was not exactly a kind person and definitely not a close friend of Hermione back in the Harry Potter film franchises, it seems like the real-life story is slightly different than expected!

Are Tom Felton And Emma Watson Dating Each Other? Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, fans have been speculating that there was a spark going on between the reel life enemies! There were rumors doing the round of Emma Watson and Tom Felton might be more than friends!

While both the parties have not opened up about this dating rumors nor addressed it to such an extent as well. The dating rumors became rock-solid when there were a series of sweet snaps together last year, including one of Tom teaching Emma how to play guitar. So are they close enough or is it just a big ruse?

Tom Felton Has Denied Such Dating Allegations. So Did Emma Watson!

However, Tom Felton has denied any such dating rumors saying that Emma indeed is a wonderful and smart lady. It is great to bump into each other and reminisces the old time but then the actor also added that it’s not a necessity to be with someone just for the sake of being with someone. So it is pretty sure that Felton is not dating Emma and they are just good friends as stated by the actor himself. Emma Watson has a somewhat similar approach as well.

Fans were still hopeful after they both also holidayed together in South Africa, which led some to believe they might be taking their friendship to the next step. Although even Emma Watson has made it clear that she was trying self-partnering for size.