It’s the green signal for ‘The Handmaid’ Tale’ Season 4. When, How, What? All the details are here.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ has been renewed for a new season.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is a critically acclaimed and award-winning American drama series that is currently airing its season 3 on Hulu from June 2019. With an episode still left to air, work on the fourth installment has already commenced after it was officially given a thumbs up for the fourth season.

The Tale of Handmaids

The dystopian show constructed by Bruce Miller from Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel by the same name explores the time after the second American civil war where fertile women were subjected to child-bearing slavery. It recounts the tale of tragedy and inhumanity against the female section of the society where they aren’t given any rights by the totalitarian society. In the aftermath of civil war when the fertility rate collapses in Gilead, the women with child-bearing abilities are tyrannized to the house of elites to bear their children. The handmaids are compelled to succumb to ritualized rapes by their male masters to bear the children for the men and their wives.

The Handmaid’s Tale | Handmaids | Elisabeth Moss | June Osborne

The soap opera has the acclaimed American actress Elisabeth Moss in the chief role of June Osborne. June was captured during her attempt to flee the town with her husband and daughter, and she was subjugated Commander Fred Waterford’s household as his handmaid. A major part of the plot revolves around the adversities faced by June and her desire of wanting to be with her husband and daughter again.

‘The Handmaid’ Tale’ Season 4

The news for Season 4 was officially conveyed to the viewers on 26 July 2019 on twitter, with three episodes remaining from season 3. Warren Littlefield, the executive producer of the show recently told that they are still catching their breaths from season 3, post which Bruce Miller and the team will get into their thinking tanks, and there’s still more stories to tell as there is more of Gilead to fight.


There is no launch date for season 4 yet as the script is still in the development, however, going by the pattern of the show, the new season usually airs around April since 2017. So it can be hoped that Season 4 will also arrive on our screens around the same time.

Will it be worth the wait?

Going by all the brilliance that the show has brought on our screens for three years, season 4 wouldn’t be a downer either. The winner of several Emmy awards including Best Drama Series and Best Actress, the show has been well-received from its very 1st episode. With an average rating of 8.5 on IMDb and 88% on rotten tomatoes, this show is a must-watch for everyone in search of quality content on tube. It also holds great relevance in today’s time when women all across the globe are fighting for their rights and trying to instate equality in the male-dominated society.

The Handmaid’s Tale | Handmaids | American acclaimed drama | Hulu

Currently, there is no detail about the story or cast for season 4, and it’s safe to say that Elisabeth Moss aka June will be retained in season 4 and Fred Waterford is also speculated to make his appearance in the next season. While we are waiting for some updates on the next season, The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 is all set to conclude with its final episode on August 14.