It’s Taylor and her acoustics again!! Taylor Swift performs lover on NPR’s Tiny Desk. Watch now!

Whether it be a concert filled with thousands of people or a desk with 300 fans, our girl Swift rocks it everywhere!! Well, we all know that she is the best version of herself when she is with her guitar. Queen Taylor played the acoustic version of her new album songs ‘lover’s and’ a sad new day ‘ and definitely took our hearts. She rocked the performance wearing checkered and a shirt! Well, our Tay- Tay can do anything!!

This time Taylor went for a solo performance, unlike her other performance where she usually has her back up singers and dancers. She explained that she wanted everyone to hear the song in its original raw form without any changes.   Our Queen Taylor’s voice is enough to mesmerize anyone, and the acoustic version of her songs is literally on some other level that is too hard to beat.

Taylor opened up about how she wrote her songs. Her song lover was not pre-planned. According to her, it was an instant song that came to her mind when she was in pajamas! She also told about the scars in her hand, which she got from the strings of her guitar when she was small and was curious to learn. Aww…. She has really come a long way and still miles to go!!  Tay Tay feels that her fine scars are  a metaphor about accumulating emotional scars over the years in the spotlight and how if someone is going to take your hand, they need to hold it “scars and all.”

This mesmerizing beauty has a great sense of humor, as well!! One being asked about how she writes songs when she’s happy, the singer wittily replied that she absolutely couldn’t write breakup songs when she is happy. But hold on dear, she wrote happy songs this time taking a different path from her usual breakup theme! And the collection of these happy songs is her new album lover! Well, we don’t need to worry about how will the album do commercially. It’s Taylor’s album for God’s sake, meant to break records! Lover has already sold out millions of copies worldwide. Well, that’s why she is a legend, a living legend who inspires millions of people. Taylor Swift is one of the richest singers in history. She is the most followed female singer on YouTube, and her last World Tour was the highest-earning tour in American history. And yeah, everyone knows what a masterpiece her album 1989 was!