It seems James Gunn is keeping a HUGE secret: he might be secretly working for another movie along with Suicide Squad 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Find out what he’s hiding!

We all know that YouTube is the online streaming service that is owned by Google and it is quite interesting to know that it is also one of the most famous video watching online streaming service. This platform is also the one that gave birth to the superhero series loved by all that is Brightburn.

The CD is penned down by Mark Gunn and his colleagues, Kenneth Huang and Brian Gunn. Its director is David Yarovesky. This movie which was seemed on YouTube has received a lot of love from people and that too positive one. It has received a lot of positive reviews too.

Talking about the ratings it has got IMDB has rated it 6.1 out of 10, around 77% of the users of Google were in support of the film, and rotten tomatoes users who liked the movie constitute 57%.

Brightburn begins with the landing of a spaceship in the region’s of Brightburn of Kansas. This region was the backyard of the duo with the name, Breyer and Tori. Since they could not have a child they adopted the one they found in the spaceship. The production budget was low and it got 32.3 million dollars. Looking at this it is very hard for the film to get a sequel!

Marc has updated its netizens that he has been quite busy for the next some of the years. He is busy with the movies like The Guardians Of The Galaxy and Suicide Squad, among others. He has also hunted that Brightburn might have a series in the following years. Though there is no sort of a confirmation from his side and hence fans are waiting for the same. Marc surely has something great for his fans.