“It felt like a ton of therapy to me” said Timothe Chalamet after meeting Emma Watson!!

What happened at Late Night with Seth Meyers?

On the post-night of Halloween, Timothe Chalamet appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, having a fun chit chat with him and promote his upcoming series ‘The King.’

Timothe, 23 with his most genuine accent, was seen winning hearts all around. He spoke out a teenager’s heart having Halloween and adoring the Harry Potter series just like the kids and teens used to do those days.

He shares his Halloween ritual of distributing candies in his apartment as he grew up doing this.

” I have a sugar intake problem,” Timothe says while sharing his Halloween memories.

Moreover, he discussed his favorite Halloween costumes too, from Yu-gi-oh to spiderman in a Broadway and so on.

While talking further, Timothe made a Harry Potter reference and highlighted the fact that, like every 90s kid, the Harry Potter drama occupied a special part of his childhood memory.

Timothe Chalamet starstruck by the aura of Emma Watson!

He also didn’t forget to mention that Emma Watson was his crush, just like every 90s boy kid who grew up watching the Harry Potter series.

The actor expressed his joy that he will be working with Watson as a co-actor in ‘Little Women.’

He expressed his moment of weirdness when he met Emma Watson for the dance shoot rehearsal in a big room.

Well, our chocolate boy was starstruck by the aesthetic aura of Watson, which made him say, “it felt like a ton of therapy to me, like a lot of therapy.”

The glow of shyness, happiness, and a bit of awkwardness were clear as water over his face when he got involved in describing the first-ever ‘real’ meet with the Harry Potter star.

“I agree with everything you say up here,” Timothe bumps over Seth while he was digging a bit to know more about his interest in Emma Watson.

That’s not fair, Seth!