Is there any chance of Netflix series Daybreak being renewed for season 2? What would have happened? Check out all details here.

Netflix Original post-apocalyptic comedy-drama show is loosely based on the comic book series of the same name created by American cartoonist, Brian Ralph. Although there are several parallels between the comic and tv series, the tone is vastly different between the two.

Has Netflix Cancelled Post Apocalyptic Comedy Snow Daybreak For A Second Season?

The series has loads of dark comedy into it along with some quirky out of the box fun to accompany it. While the comic is way darker than the series has actually been.

However, much to fans’ disappointment Netflix announced that the post-apocalypse based show has not been renewed for yet another season. Co-creator and executive producer of the series Aron Eli Coleite announced this sad news via their Twitter account. He write about the news and thanked fans for their constant love and support. He further thanked for fans’ voice,  enthusiasm  and constant support for the show.

What Led To This Sudden Cancellation By Netflix? Was It Was A Drop In Ratings?

While the news of this sudden cancelation is extremely shocking, there was a lot to.look forward in the second season if there have been one. The reason for this cancelation is still not revealed yet, but it must be the cold response or an apparent drop in the rating. Netflix has not opened up about the issue any further and it seems like it will be a mystery forever.

While there is nothing to look forward at this point but we saw Sam declare herself the leader of the jocks and the other surviving factions that fought. She could have been stopped by the new hero in rising: Josh! However, we won’t be seeing how that would have turned out to be.