Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Hate Each Other but don’t want to Come Out of the Closet?

Kanye and Kim, a couple much known for their public appearance and their habit of bringing their personal lives to the public through media.

Although Kim prefers the said above, Kanye thinks opposite on that end. He believes in his privacy to be superior and ultimate. The two tied knots in 2014 after a journey of dating each other. One of the most revealing couples of Hollywood, this couple is loved by all for their transparency, even if it comes across through one end and not the other.

Recent news about them ‘hating’ each other


The two live in a mansion in Los Angeles with their 4 children. the lockdown has witnessed a change in their relationship. The two seem done with each other. While Kim is seen going live with her fans and being intruded by her little kids, Kanye prefers to stay away from the same and live a life with his privacy as the concern. The two have polarised over their work.

While Kim takes care of their children and simultaneously manages her law school studies as well as business ventures, Kanye is seen doing the otherwise, he drifts away from his responsibilities of their children or other household work. This infuriates Kim as she is seen devoting most of her time doing the otherwise. The two have had issues in the past where the two had to reconcile over their choices. 

History of their fights

Every drop of water counts, similarly, all the chaos that has been caused in their married life had started getting worse from before. During the quarantine, the two stay away from each other at a distance safe enough to not indulge in any fights with each other. Met Gala last year witnessed a fuss over them debating about what Kim should be wearing and Kanye adding to the last moment changes to ensure that Kim has a limit to how she is seen in the public.

When they were dating before marrying, Kanye made sure that they didn’t get phones on their dinner dates and the same for their wedding. This was the starting of their differences that were met over discussions with time. Hoping the same outcome and approach this time as well.