Brie Bella More Influenced by Sister Nikki Bella than her Husband Daniel Bryan

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are soon going to be parents after Brie delivers their baby. Brie has been a professional wrestler at her time of work, though now retired from it. Aged 36, she is married to another wrestler, Daniel Bryan who is 39 years old. Unlike Brie, he is currently enrolled in WWE.

The couple came along in 2014 when they got married and re together ever since. Brie has a twin sister named Nikki Bella. The two were brought up by their Mexican father. Unfortunately, both their parents have lost their ability to speak. However, despite the hurdles, the two love their parents and have the love and care for their Mexican identity.

Sex Reveal Party

Brie and Daniel share a cute and comical relationship, comical mainly due to the presence of Brie’s sister Nikki who seems to be having more control over Brie than Daniel himself. Daniel was inspired b the idea of not knowing the sex of their child until they were born.

However, Nikki who is pregnant at the same time as her sister decided on organizing a party for the same in which the Bella sisters would interact to determine the sex of their child and had planned to invite their father as well, however, their inability to speak stopped them from doing so. Had they been able to speak, the sisters would have honoured their father for raising them.

The party comes amidst Daniel’s idea of opposing the same healthily. His thoughts could convince Brie of the same, however, her sister Nikki’s idea of holding a party overpowered his thoughts after which comes his statement that Nikki Bella has more influence than him during their pregnancies as the sisters are rigid on doing what they think is right and which is the cute element of their relationship.