Is Jeopardy host Alex Trebek’s pancreatic cancer getting worse with time? Read what is going on.

Alex Trebek has beaten the chances since he declared he had been determined to have stage IV pancreatic cancer on March 6, 2019.

Also, even with the COVID-19 pandemic despite everything seething, the long-lasting Jeopardy! the host is as yet getting a charge out of a portion of the straightforward things throughout everyday life.


On Tuesday, the Canadian local was spotted out with his significant other, Jean Trebek, and child, Matthew Trebek, at a Home Depot in Los Angeles.

Trebek has had a significant long break from his activity with the production of Jeopardy! closing down in March. Known to be an ardent fixer-upper around the house, Trebek is by all accounts capitalizing on life in isolation by getting a portion of those undertakings put off in the past at long last finished.

The entirety of this comes as Trebek is battling stage IV pancreatic malignant growth in the wake of being analyzed on Mar. 6, 2019. He made it one year this past March, reporting at the time that he was given an 18 percent possibility of arriving at that point upon his underlying guess.

Prior to the pandemic constrained all of Hollywood to shut everything down, Jeopardy! was set to proceed onward without a studio crowd because of the danger of COVID-19 for those at high-hazard, for example, Trebek.

As the coronavirus danger expanded as time passes, Jeopardy! alongside Wheel of Fortune reported around the same time that things would be put on a break. There remains no schedule for arrival, however, Trebek is anxious to return as per a show representative.


In an interview with TVLine, a rep for Jeopardy! said Trebek is looking forward to getting back into his usual rhythm, adding that, “He’s told us he wants to be one of the first shows back in production.”