Did Mia Khalifa Throw Major Shade On Madison Beer For Going Under The Knife And Denying It??? Check it out!

Celebs having beef with each other is no jew thing in Hollywood. While some try hard to conceal their animosity toward some fellow celeb, others seem to care less about the whole hateful drama!


Mia Khalifa Might Have Sparked A Whole Feud With Madison Beer! Here’s What We Know.

Fans were recently made aware of the growing differences between Madison Beer and adult film star Mia Khalifa. The whole issue has started recently. Let us see from where did this point of beef actually originated!


It all started when Madison Beer denied by accusations of getting any surgery done on her face, however, she was soon called out by a fellow Tiktoker Katie Kelly, after the whole blame game Madison finally admitted that she has, in fact, some something on her lip with filters but did remove them instantly!


Did Mia Khalifa Deliberately Tried To Throw Shade At Madison Beer?


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Keeping the whole thing in mind, it seems like Mia Khalifa went out of her way and did something totally opposite! She not only informed fans about going under the knife and even contemplated getting a nose job. She even tagged the doctor and wrote that she would never try to hide the fact that she got surgery done.


Who fans loved Mia’s honesty some even pointed out the fact that she might have unknowingly thrown some major shade on Madison for completely denying the fact of going under the knife! While Madison has yet notresponded to it neither are we sure about whether it was a deliberate shot taken or not! However,  this might start a huge feud between the two! We have to wait until Madison soon notices  this whole fiasco!