Is it worth to watch “The Good Doctor” in 2020?

The Good Doctor which is an adapted series of a South Korean drama of the same name and production of ABC Studios and Sony Pictures Television is sure going quite well as the series is already done with three seasons.

As we are not going to see anything of this series till 2020. There are a lot of questions to ask but let’s start with the most expected and frequent questions after watching the series as the fans have got in the skin of this series real good and without a doubt, the wait is gonna kill them.

So, first, let’s talk about the romantic arcs of Good Doctor

As, Carly is not going to see a lot of Shaun and on the other hand, he definitely has some feelings for Lea. So, it will be really great to see which girl will be able to steal the Good Doctor’s heart and although Carly always remained supportive to Shaun it looks like Lea has got a fair share of Shaun’s heart and it looks like she is dominating the whole situation.

After that

The focus on the job of being a doctor is one thing our Shaun is not careful about. Without a doubt, he is excellent when it comes to being a doctor but the love is distracting our doctor a lot and the surgeries and patients aren’t getting good. So, it will be a watch what our doctor is going to do?

Then, the questions of other characters are going to get spotlight and will we be able to see a lot of Dr. Lim and Dr. Mendelez’s story and also Claire’s emotional journey with that some of Morgan and Park is definitely something the fans are going to love and It will not be a surprise if something other than this came up as they still need to get through these things to explain these scenarios.