Is Comedy Series Russian Doll Coming Back For Season 2 Under Netflix? Check out all details in this article.

Netflix popular dark comedy series Russian Doll become a fam favorite show right from its release back in 2019. Sam’s loved the story of video developer Nadia who leads a rather promiscuous life until she meets with a big accident on her 36th birthday!

Is Dark Comedy Series Russian Doll Coming Back For Season 2 ? We Might Have The Answer Here.

The catch of the story? She wakes up back at her birthday party and then the bight starts all over again and again this pretty much continues every day! The show receives positive reviews and fans’ responses. Is Nadia going to.come back for another season? Take a look at this post confirming the return of Nadia and her not so normal escapades!

Well, we have big news as we are going to see more of Nadia, all thanks to Netflix who has renewed the show for season 2! Series co-creator Leslye Headland has revealed that they have pitched total of three seasons to Netflix and are glad to get renewed for season 2.

Russian Doll Season 2 Is Happening With Natasha Lyons Returning As Nadia!

Although Nadia did find some closure back in the first season finale, Natasha Lyonne will be returning for the leading role along with the supporting cast members as well. Tue stress has talked about the success of the show saying that it is the characters’ going through lived experiences that make it so relatable.

While production was initially supposed to be starting from May onwards, it might be anything like that given the present circumstances. So, we could be looking at a release date sometime around 2021. The sooner filming gets over, fans will get to see Nadia returning on screen.