Is Castlevania coming back for season 4? Or is another show on the cards instead? Read to know all latest updates.

Despite the fact that there’s no word yet on whether Castlevania will return for Season 4, the show was restored only seven days after its Season 2 debut. On the off chance that the equivalent is valid for the crisply discharged Season 3, any news may not be that distant. There is one trick, be that as it may: official maker Adi Shankar is right now taking a shot at a TV adjustment of the computer game Devil May Cry, which may mean a more extended hold up time until Season 4 really makes it to screen.

Shankar disclosed to IGN that Devil May Cry “will join Castlevania in what we’re presently calling the contraband multiverse” (Castlevania depends on a Konami computer game arrangement, while Devil May Cry originates from the organization Capcom). He included that he purchased the Devil May Cry rights himself “so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f*ck this one up as well.” This is likely in reference to the decade-long creation limbo Castlevania experienced before it debuted on Netflix in 2017 under maker Warren Ellis, with Shankar joined as EP.

Luckily, any potential Season 4 won’t take an entire decade, and there’s a great deal in Season 3 to hold fans over up to that point. The story gets in the wake of Dracula’s passing. Since he’s gone, beasts have started leaving the woodwork, a large number of whom undermine the fate of humankind. These incorporate the vampire Carmilla and her “three female vampire partners,” as Ellis called them in a meeting with Kotaku Australia. “There is currently a force vacuum in Eastern Europe,” the Castlevania maker said. “Dracula is no more. The night animals have been dissipated, the vampire armed force is crushed.”

Notwithstanding Alucard, Trevor Belmont, and Sypha Belnades, there are a few new characters this season and a more extended running time — 10 scenes, rather than the eight in Season 2 and the slight, four-scene Season 1.

Apparently, Castlevania is simply beginning. Furthermore, Ellis is very much aware of fans’ anxiety about restoration news. “Additional exceptional gratitude to all the individuals who have been tweeting ‘it’s been 84 years’ at me since 2018 who are presently tweeting ‘yet shouldn’t something be said about Season 4,'” he tweeted. Indeed, however shouldn’t something be said about Season 4?