Is Cameron Diaz happy with her marriage?? Checkout how she opens about her marriage with Benji Madden!!

For more than four years, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden’s love life remained a mystery. The couple broke the unexpected news of their marriage in January 2015, yet since then nothing was known about their romance. But recently Cameron Diaz opened up about her marriage. She gave rare insights of her love life with Benji Madden in an interview for InStyle’s 25th anniversary September 2019 issue.

The 46-year-old actress, talking about her musical spouse Benji Madden said that getting married to him was the best thing that has ever happened to her.
Diaz Cameron praised her better half, saying that he is the best; he is the greatest human being and a great partner for her. She said that she accepts marriage is a tough task; it involves a lot of work. The actress believes that there is no marriage 60-40 in marriage. It is 50-50, period all the time.
The former actress said that five years ago (in 2015) when she got married to him, she didn’t clearly know if she was ready or not but she definitely knew Benji was special. She says there is no bull**t in their marriage. It is very refreshing, for which she is very grateful for Benji.

Cameron had announced her official retirement from Hollywood in March 2018, when she had also said that she waited till the age 41 to get married because she hadn’t found her Mr. Right.
Diaz Cameron compared herself and Benji Madden to two peas of the same pod. That is to say that they are two different individuals. There is hardly any similarity between them as individuals. But they share the same values which make their bond special.
Diaz has a really happy married life, and we wish the couple best of luck for their ongoing life together.