Is Alita Battle Angel 2 is coming back with Rosa Salazar? What does Disney have to say about a sequel! Here’s what you need to know.

Disney is popular for coming up with films that blows the minds of the audience. Alita Battle Angel is one of the biggest example of its creativity that made the viewers super excited about the whole picturization of the movie. But the movie left the viewers with various unanswered questions that they still wonder about.

As soon as the first film released and people watched it, they started requesting for a second part of this Japanese Manga series to complete the whole story. There were a lot of modifications made in the first movie but some sections of the movie were still left unexplained.

Although, Alita lost her lover Hugo in the first movie she seemed to be quite determined towards her final destination. She achieved the what she dreamt of and becomes the star of Motorball Championship. Meanwhile she also wants to get back to her city zalem and it’s leader Nova. And she also makes efforts to make this possible. Her determined and optimistic character was really loved by everyone.

Although there were some mixed reviews about the movie by the critics it performed really well on the box office. It made a total worldwide collection of $404 million. However, presently there’s no confirmed report about the films renewal.

The movie didn’t show anything about the past life of Alita and from where she came to the Junk city. Thus, the first film didn’t reveal the whole story. This hints that it was not the final one. Hopefully, we’ll have one sequel for it because the movie seemed to be incomplete. However, the makers haven’t revealed anything about it yet. We’ll come back with more information about the sequel, stay tuned for that.