IOS 14 latest update: Iphone users can no longer use the Picture-in-Picture feature on YouTube without paying for it.

Social media and apps that allow one to connect with the outer world undergo regular changes to bring out the best version of itself to the users. There are apps that introduce changes to the apps that are frequently used by people to improve the experience of the users. YouTube has given rise to a special feature to the user in itself. There have been certain changes in the iOS version of the YouTube app.

What did youtube allow on its app before?

The app allowed people to simultaneously watch videos and conduct facetime that could happen simultaneously through safari and was at great ease of use for the users of the app since they could multitask the two and in addition to that, take care of their other apps.

This advantage was liked by the iPhone users when they would want the two things to be done together and get watching videos and social interaction together, however, it could be misused by them if they wanted to escape the boring and unwanted social interaction with the people on their contact list.

What has been the change introduced?

Safari has removed the feature of letting the two happen simultaneously and has ensured that the users can only do one task at a time as there was a sudden change that was brought in that feature when the two options were seen missing in safari for the iPhone users. Good if they are aware of it beforehand and prevent any changes in the future so that they can plan their usage of social media and interaction with others accordingly, once they are aware of the technological advances that take place in the domain.