Interesting Facts about ‘Money Heist’ aka ‘La Casa de Papel’ Season 4! What is Inspector Alicia Sierra Plan now??

According to the rumors floating around, looks like the filming of “Money Heist,” Season 4 has already begun!

This has made the fans all the more excited although they may have to wait before the popular series actually hits Netflix.

It is not yet known when the new season will release.

So, there are two options that Netflix may choose: either it sticks to its annual plan, and release the Spanish original in the summer of 2020. Or the streaming giant will release the series this winter itself.

Just like many other fans, we would be happy if Netflix opts for a faster route, and releases it this winter.

Meanwhile, much stuff is yet to resolve after the third season of Money Heist!

What to expect from the season 4 of Money Heist?

Note: Major spoilers ahead for Season 3!

The epic question now is whether Nairobi will survive after she was hit by a sniper!  Another awful plan of the new Inspector Alicia.

Furthermore, the professor himself has fallen into the trap laid by the police. As you know, Raquel (Lisbon) was caught on the run. Knowing the professor was listening to the radio, they pretended to have shot Raquel. For the professor, his world was collapsing before his eyes. 

So one thing is crystal clear-The war against the police will start in Season 4!

The third season of “Money Heist” surely ended with a brutal cliffhanger, so many questions will be answered in the upcoming season.

Also, the Palermo actor Rodrigo de la Serna revealed in an interview that he has already signed contracts for both seasons.

The new season is highly awaited by the fans. Old questions will hopefully be answered, and new developments are expected to take place.


There was a rumor that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has bagged the rights of this show and he is planning to make it into a film instead of a web-series, where he may act, apart from producing it. But in his recent interview, he didn’t mention anything about that.