Indiana Jones: Will Part 5 of the Popular Franchise Make its Way Back Among Audiences? Read Further to Know the Answer.

Can we expect to see the franchise that had been running for nearly four decades, make a comeback?

It has now been about 12 years since the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull released. But the movie had received a lukewarm response, even though it contained the usual elements of action and comedy. Still, Indiana Jones is in the makes, but about its release date…well, your guess is as good as mine.

Possible release date

While they were discussing the project, director Steven Spielberg, writer George Lucas, and star Harrison Ford had all discussed teaming up for a fifth installment.

Much thought wasn’t given afterward, and there were even talks about rebooting the whole franchise. But in 2016, the fifth movie was officially confirmed, but it’s been four years since, and….nothing yet.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


However, both Lucas and Spielberg will not be taking over their roles. Spielberg will continue to be a part of the movie as a producer, and Logan director James Mangold will be taking over as director. Even though the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull bombed, it’s screenwriter David Koepp will be returning to write the new movie.

The music is going to be composed by the original composer John Williams, and we will see the iconic theme return as well.

Let’s get to the release date then. The movie was originally set to come out in July 2019, but then it got pushed to July 10, 2020, and that didn’t work out either. Once again, Disney gave it a good old push, and it was set on July 9, 2021. But now, due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the date has been pushed once again to July 29, 2022.

Let’s hope no further mishaps happen, and it will be smooth sailing in the future.