In a horrifying incident, an 8-year-old jumped out of his house window. Reason being his parents beating him for years!

In a shocking incident, an eight-year-old boy named Anton killed himself after coming home from school. The horrific incident took place on August 23 in Enerhodar, Southern Ukraine. The child had to take this step because his parents had allegedly abused him for years.

Source: Metro

One of the neighbors, Zhanna, said that the child’s parents were ripping his clothes and as usual beating him but then after some silence, there was a sound of the boy running. She said, “Several seconds passed and there was that horrific thud when a body hits the ground.”

She added that she went and looked out of the kitchen window and saw that the body of the boy was lying below. It was then she called the ambulance and police.

Another neighbor said that they had seen the family going upstairs on their flat and just ten minutes later, they saw the boy’s body lying down and his parents racing downstairs in the street.

Unfortunately, the little boy suffered serious head injuries and was declared dead at the scene itself. The investigations have started and his parents have also admitted to beating him. They justified this by saying that they beat him up whenever he misbehaved.

Source: Metro

His teacher, Oksana Zelenka, had said that Anton had fallen behind in school and they had to hold him back in first grade. She added his parents were least interested in him.

His psychologist Zoya Pershyna also added that Anton had visited her several times for counseling but she didn’t see this coming.

Police have now launched a criminal case against the parents charging them of unable to fulfill their duties as parents which led to the little boy committing suicide. Just after being interviewed, the parents left the rented apartment and have fled the town.

The police are in search of the couple right now. Once found guilty, they can face imprisonment for up to five years.