Eric Dane Adds Astounding Quality & a New Height to Euphoria!

Eric Dane brings a new arc in Euphoria

Euphoria is a show that never fails to steal the limelight. The series’ depiction of the present-day teens in America is intriguing. Moreover, the show challenges the children and shows no respite. Despite the controversies, the show has a new season that sheds light on the character of Eric Dane. Needless to say, the new episode reveals the show at its absolute best!

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Exploring the Possibilities of Human Connection

Euphoria has won hearts by its unique concept and display of style. The show has been eerily dramatic while stylish at the same time. Moreover, the new season of Euphoria asserts the concepts of emotions, visual appeal, and narratives.

Furthermore, the recent appearance of the famous actor Eric Dane has carried the show in a different light. The actor’s presence in the show deviates a little from the show’s central characters. Consequently, it makes us travel beyond the high school boundaries towards an unpredictable human connection.

Jacob Elordi in Euphoria
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An episode with a twisted plot

In an episode released this week, we get to know about the character of Cal. The episode revolves around the history of Cal, whom we have only encountered as an adult. We are aware of Cal’s son Nate, who has inherited all unpleasant habits of his father. Although Cal never appeared to be a person of values, his history reveals some shocks.

Cal’s dark character as an isolated person and his sexual encounters are the only things known yet. As the episode showcases the history of Cal, we discover that Cal was once an optimistic, and sunny person in high school. The young Cal played by Elias Kacavas, is on a journey of self-exploration.

How things changed for Cal

Young Cal has to face a sudden shock at a time he was happiest in his life. After discovering his identity as gay, and feeling absolutely ecstatic, Cal discovers his girlfriend’s pregnancy. Eventually, everything falls into place as we understand why Cal seems trapped in parenthood and living a life of isolation. The discovery indeed brings a sense of “Euphoria” which directs us towards a sense of empty pleasure.

Eric Dane in the show
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What makes Cal different

All the characters in Euphoria have an uncertain life. What makes Cal, an older generation stand out is that he is aware of being stuck and unhappy. Furthermore, in a scene, drunk Cal urinates in front of his family, before walking out. Adult Dane is as he should be after almost losing his identity and parenting a kid he never wanted.

Undeniably, this is what makes Euphoria stand out, attracting some while cutting down many viewers. The show is indeed full of surprises!