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Hulu’s How I Met your Father creators open up about Season 1 finale episode and reveals details on the future

How I Met your Father Season 1 finale had quite some drama

Hulu‘s How I Met your Father Season 1 finale just aired recently. And it sure tried to deliver in terms of drama to the fans. From interesting reappearances, a couple of breakups and to the solving the puzzle between the Captain and Sofie’s love story, it tried to cover something for all.

How I Met Your Father

The title of the finale episode is “Timing is everything”. The episode begins with the Captain trying to negotiate the divorce terms from Becky, who wants his boats.

Meanwhile Jesse (Chris Lowell) almost present-day Sophie waiting at the restaurant. However he comes with a half-hearted excuse. Jesse met his ex Meredith for closure and they end up sleeping together. While Jesse is asleep, he confesses he loves Sophie in front of her which freaks her out and she ends the relationship.

Charlie and Valentina break up since she wants to have kids. Robin Scherbatsky from How I met your Mother makes a surprise appearance and gives some advice to Sophie. When she runs to Jesse to mend things, she sees him kissing his ex. Drama!

How I Met Your Father

Heartbroken, she leaves for her exhibition to meet her friends and celebrate her work achievements.

How does the episode end?

Ellen gets the job offer. Sid (Suraj Sharma) has a surprise or everyone that he and his long-distance partner Hannah are secretly married. The Captain surrenders all his boats to his wife but leaves one for Australia. He says that the marine biologists are working for procreation in coral reefs.

How I Met Your Father

This scene is in reference to the first epsiode where we see Sophie on a Tinder date. Her date is Ian (Daniel Augustin), who is a biologist working for procreation in coral reefs. In the final moments of the episode, Ian reaches the exhibition and asks Sophie if it’s a good time.

Ugggh! Such a major cliff-hanger, right?

Series creators talk about the season finale

Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger had an interview with Deadline where they discussed the finale episode details. Isaac explained that Sophie is a character who self-sabotages when anything good happens to her.

How I Met Your Father

Apataker further expressed how geateful he is to have Kyle (the Captain) for couple of episodes. He said that Kylie is an extremely busy actor and it’s quite hard to get him on set.

What about the future of the series?

The creators received a question regarding whether Sophie and Ian are doomed as well since she’s not ready for love. To this, Berger replied that the audience has to wait and watch.  He further said that they are quite excited to show what happens for Sophie and Ian.

Regarding Valentina and Sophie’s single life in Season 2, Aptaker spoke up. He said that they were excited for Valentina in Season 2 as they portrayed her as a crazy, free woman in her younger days. But we didn’t get to see that side of her.

How I Met Your Father

Season 2 will show that side of Valentina and how she is without a relationship.

For now, we can just wait to see what will unveil in Season 2 of How I Met your Father.


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