Hulu miniseries The Dropout review- should you watch it or skip it?

The Dropout- a triumph or a failure?

By now most of you already know the plotline of “The Dropout” if you have been following some major headlines for the past 5 years. The latest Hulu series is about Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of health technology company- Theranos.

The Dropout

Holmes was the world’s youngest self-made billionaire but was later convicted for committing wire fraud. In case of The Dropout, you already have an idea of who the lead role is, but you want to know how they ended up where they are now.

When you start getting into the 8-episode miniseries, you’ll naturally feel a sympathy for Holmes as we get a glipmse into her early life and the hardships she faced. However, you’ll also get an idea how she developed a drive to gain success. From episode 4, the miniseries dives deep into Theranos and how the businesswoman started to con her way to reach the top.

Did Amanda Seyfried do justice to her role?

Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth was almost perfect in capturing the ambition and confidence of the famous con-woman. What’s even more interesting to watch is how Seyfried was even able to convey the socially awkward trait.

It seems Seyfried’s impressive choice of characters in movies over the years helped her to get into his bizarre, yet brilliant character. She embodied that manic drive and the utmost desperation to win so well that every scene of hers was quite effective.

The Dropout

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that apart from Seyfried, there were some other massively talented actors who maintained the much-needed balance. Andrews as Sunny was very convincing. Kurtwood Smith and Michaela Watkins had the perfect ‘chilling’ tone in them as Theranos’ legal team. Alan Ruck also did a great job as a supporter of Holmes, believing that she was indeed the real deal.

Should you watch it or skip it?

For some, The Dropout might seem way too long with too many characters. And they are hard to keep track of if you aren’t binge watching. However, while you already know the story of what will unfold, you don’t probably know the “how”.

And as compared to a recent Netflix series “Inventing Anna” with a similar plot of a conwoman, the “how” factor of the show gives it a slight edge as compared to the Netflix series. The Dropout portrays a confident woman whose actions were inexcusable, but it sheds light on the reasons behind those actions.

The Dropout

In conclusion, the writing, the compelling story and the acting in The Dropout makes it definitely worth watching.

The first 3 episodes of the Hulu miniseries will release on March 3.