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Huge Speculations Around The Need Of Netflix Adding A Disclaimer For The Crown Season 4, Netflix Finally Answers.

The newest season of the hit series The Crown is making headlines with some allegations of being inaccurate. While the fourth season has been receiving overwhelming response from fans, some are not happy with the content and claim that it dramatized more than the reality.

Is Netflix Going To Add A Disclaimer For The Crown Season 4?

Recently,  U.K. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has recently voiced his concern over the fact that a generation of viewers who did not live through or participate in these events might mistake fiction for fact. However, it seems like Netflix disagreed with the fact.

Netflix authorities have claimed that they have always presented The Crown as a drama. The streaming service has further made it clear that they have no plans and see no need to add a disclaimer. Moreover, they have also stressed the fact that their viewers understand that it’s a work of fiction that’s broadly based on historical events.

The Fourth Season Is Looking Into Some Major Allegations Of Inaccuracy!

Several people have frowned on the fourth season believing it to be inaccurate and further adding that the show has molded the truth for their good. The fourth season aptly sheds light on Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s marriage that went through many ups and down ultimately leading to a doomed end.

The newest fourth season has been described as an extremely controversial one with personal details about the whole situation between Prince Charles and his relationship with Camilla following his marriage with Lady Diana. However, now that Netflix have answered the speculation of adding a disclaimer, it seems like we are going to see more of it in the coming seasons.

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