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The House Of Representatives Have Passed The Big Cat Public Safety Act In Order To Preserve Certain Wildlife Species!

While fans surely couldn’t get enough of one of the biggest hits of Netflix, Tiger King, it seems like the show is all set to leave a more lasting mark on people as a new law has been passed related to the show.

The House Of Representatives Has Passed An Important Bill In Protection Of Big Cats!

The House of Representatives has recently passed the Big Cat Public Safety Act. Under this bill that was also featured in the show might ban mthe biggest cat ownership order to protect these animals. The bill is believed to be an extension of the Lacey Act Amendments of 1981 to preserve the conservation of certain wildlife species.

This law will work in favor of this wildlife species while preventing illegal poaching, selling, or buying these big cats including leopards, jaguars, cougars, cheetahs, and hybrids of these animals.

Individual Ownership Of Big Cats Will Be Prohibited!

If the bill passes, it will also further forbid individual ownership of big cats and even no cub petting in the zoos or any kind of direct contact will be prohibited as well. Ownership will be granted to wildlife sanctuaries, along with,h colleges and universities, along with state-licensed veterinarians, facilities that possess a specific license from the Department of Agriculture.

Those who have big cats who were born before the act came into enactment are allowed to keep them but have to register them and not breed them or bring them near the public. People are praising this step taken by the house that will help preserve the wildlife and will also help to prevent the eradication of these big cats While putting them under professional care rather than individual ownership. 

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