How To Get Away With Murder Season 7: Sandrine disappeared never to return??

How to get away with murder is a crime drama series. The series plot revolves around a criminal lawyer Annalise Keating who is also a teacher at Middleton University.

The drama is full of mysteries, suspense, murder, and builds up the excitement level among the audience with each episode. The seventh and final part of the series is most likely to be released after 1st April.

All the major characters are going to be seen like Annalise Keating, Marry, Nate Lahey, Connor Walsh, Gabriel Maddox, and Michaela Pratt.

The plot this season will be all about how Annalise and her law students get themselves trapped in a murder case. As this is the final season so all the unanswered questions will be answered.

Now let us talk about what happened to Sandrine? How did she disappear? Is she really dead?  Who killed her? Or all this is just a part of the plan?

There are theories that indicate that Javier can be the murderer. However, he looked all confused and puzzled when Laurel confronted him. The murderer can be Laurel too as no one saw Sandrine after the encounter of Laurel and her.

We also know how Sandrine betrayed Laurel. in addition to it, Laurel had some scatches in arms which indicate a physical fight between them. We can also see Laurel running away. There are chances someone might have witnessed the scene.

On the other hand, the murder took place in the hotel but there are no traces. No blood strains or nothing bizarre. So how did Laurel hide the dead body? This is something still unexplainable.

There can be more theories about the plot. So April it is when all the questions will be answered. It is going to be exciting when season 7 will finally reach our screens.