Davey Holmes’s criminal drama Get Shorty Season 4 is back: Cast, Release Date, Plot and everything you need to know

Get Shorty is an American TV series based on crime and comedy by Davey Holmes. The series has completed three seasons and telecast on channel Epix.

The TV series has been adapted from a 1990’s novel ‘Get Short’ by Elmore Leonard. In 1995, a movie with the same title was also developed. The plot of the series follows a murder crime in Nevada. The enforcer decides to leave his criminal life for his daughter.

Instead of becoming a producer in LA, the protagonist ends up getting involved in crime when he came to the city.

The first season premiered in the month of August 2017. There were 10 episodes and the drama collected a decent review from the audience. The second season got released in the year 2018 and the third season in October 2019.

The drama series has continuously impressed the critics and it is believed season 4 will follow the same legacy.


Chris O’Dowd is playing the role of Miles Daly (protagonist). Lucy Walters plays the character, Katie (wife of Miles Daly). Their daughter Emma’s role is played by Caroline Dodd.

Other mast casts include Ray Romano as Rick Moreweather, Sean Bridgers as Louis Darnell, Lidia Porto as Amara De Escalones, Goya Robles as Yago, Megan Stevenson as April Quinn, and Sarah Stiles as Gladys.

Release Date:

There is no official announcement from the Epix side about the release of Season 4. However, the fourth sequel will most likely premiere by September or October 2020.


Season 3, last episode (7th episode) left us in such a cliffhanger. We have seen that Miles is inspected by the detectives. Meanwhile, his acquaintance Rick meets a long lost friend. Ed and Yago search for Amara’s hidden place.

So season 4 will continue the story of Miles and the ongoing investigation. We will get to know more about the plot once the trailer releases.