How Matt Reeves Showcased Real-World Horror Through ‘The Batman’

The amount of significance the movie holds for modern-day America is something to behold

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is out in theatres, and it is everything we hoped for. Our titular hero showcases hos detective side, and goes from being a vengeful vigilante to the hero his broken city needs. Every character does justice to their comic counterpart, if not more. But did you notice how relevant the state of Gotham City resonated to current America or the rest of the world?

Bringing social awareness

The Batman
Warner Bros.

Reeves successfully made sure that no higher powers interfere in Gotham’s business. No neighboring state or authority, nor another superhero. And the condition of the city is as bad as it gets. The cops are two-faced, no political change happens without revolution, and mysterious organizations govern the city from the shadows. With all these elements, Reeves brings in much more social awareness than we have ever seen in other superhero movies. Of course, Zack Snyder should also be commented on it, if we talk about how the world will change when superhumans show up.

We see that Batman, Catwoman, and the Riddler are all products of the city’s failures. We have seen this happen in the comics many times, but it never came in movies. Gotham, despite being troubled with real-world issues, is given an almost supernatural appearance. While the comics often delved into the supernatural, Reeves put the blame entirely on corrupt citizens.

Relation with the recent events

The Batman
Warner Bros.

The Batman came out right at the time of war between Russia and Ukraine. There was a time when some leftist American social media users said that a war between Russia and the USA will rid America of corruption. It is similar to the Riddler’s beliefs that if he kills the corrupt, he can save the city. But the Riddler, and these real people forget that it’s always the minorities who suffer.

The Batman ends with Gotham without a leader. Batman learns more about his city and himself, but must also brace himself for a power grab. Any country without a leader will face the same scenario, and it will never be done with grace.