How doesn all-women superhero movie sounds!! Is Marvel and Brie Larson planning to make it happen??

Marvel Cinematic Universe has been achieving pretty huge milestones along the path and surely shows no sign of stopping.

Brie Larson has busied herself with campaigning for the sake of increasing diversity within the Marvel Cinematic Universe for quite some time now. Not only was Brie Larson busy campaigning she was also taking steps in order to ensure that this takes the form of an all-female superhero outing, which in the vein of comics is referred to as A-Force.

Image: CNet

According to the reports from Variety, Brie Larson has stated that she and a lot of other female cast members of the Marvel Studios have gone and have spoken to Kevin Feige about their desire to make the film. So this might be the evidence that Marvel Studios might actually consider their requests and do make a film considering the fact that Captain Marvel is now being pushed into the role of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s premiere hero and Kevin Feige might listen to the new movie suggestion some or the other time.

During an interview with the Variety, Brie Larson revealed that all the woman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is really passionate about it and that they would love to do an all-women movie. She added that id enough people out in the world were talking about how pleased they would be if the movie was made, then probably Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige might do it.

For a very long time, Marvel Studios has been greatly criticized for not treating its female superheroes the same as it treats the male superheroes. Apparently, to answer all the critics, Marvel Studios has released Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson and is now in due for releasing “Black Widow,” starring Scarlett Johansson.